Adding Widgets in WordPress

  1. Log in to the back end of your site, and navigate to the appearance tab.
  2. In the appearance category, click Widgets

3. In the Widgets subcategory, you can view all the widgets on your website.

4. Widgets are small blocks that can perform specific functions. These can be added in sidebars, the footer and anywhere else the theme will allow them.

5. The widgets you can use are listed on the left hand side.

6. Drag and drop the widget you wish to use to a widget

7. It will open up the options you have with the widget.

8. Save your options, or if you wish to delete it, click Delete.

The most useful ones to use in here are for the footer widget areas, for which you will most likely use the Text options. To view the changes you made on these widget areas, go to the front end of the page and click refresh.

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