Slider Revolution in WordPress

This is a SOM for setting up a basic slider – Your site will need to have the Slider Revolution plugin installed. Only use this if it is applicable.
1. Go to the back end of your site.
2. Navigate and click on ‘slider revolution’ in the sidebar.
4. Click on the plus symbol to add a new slider
5. In step one, select your content source. The most commonly used is the default slider.
6. In step 2, name your slider and enter a slider alias.
7. In step 3 select your preferred type of slider. Usually this will be the standard slider.
8. In step 4, you shouldn’t need to change the layout but if you do, this is where these options are
9. Click save
10. Click into the slide editor tab
11. Under the main background tab, select the source of your background. If you need to upload an image or video, a new field will appear where you can select your image/video/link.
12. Click the green save icon
13. In the Slide Animation tab, you can add any animations on top of your slides
14. Scroll down to see a preview of the slide
15. Click on Add Layer to add elements. From here you can add text/html, images, audio, video, buttons, shapes, objects and can import other items.

When you click on these, they’ll open up so you can add the appropriate content. These are then able to move around, and you can adjust their specifications in the style tab.
To use the tabs such as style, animation and loop, you will need to select the element you wish to apply this to, then make the edits.
The animation tab will allow you to add animations to specific elements, loop will determine how many times these will play, visibility determines on which devices or actions elements appear, behaviour selects how the elements will act, as does actions. Attributes is optional but can add IDs and classes to your slider.
Underneath the preview, you’ll see options to view your change history, and the timeline of your slider, where you can change the duration of slides and animations.

After every change, click the green save icon. To edit the CSS/JavaScript, click the purple </> icon. To return to slider settings click the blue cog. To preview, click the grey magnifying glass.
Back in settings, you can change the smaller details by clicking through the options.

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