1. Log in to the back end of your site

2. In the left hand bar, click Appearance, then click Menus

3. You’ll then see the structure of your menu

4. To add a new page to the menu click pages in the left scrollbar, View all, and check the page you wish   to add. Then click Add to MenuTo link a post, click on posts in the scroll bar and check box the post, click add to menu

To add a Custom link, click Custom links and paste in the url you want to link to, click add to menu

To add a Category, click categories, select the one you wish to use, click add to menu

5. Your new selection will be added at the bottom of the menu, you can then drag and drop it into place.

6. To add a link to a dropdown underneath an already existing menu item, drag it underneath and then inwards to create an indented look.

7. Once it’s added click Save Menu, then go to your site, refresh the page and you will see the link in the menu.

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