Wi-Fi Issues

  • If you cannot connect using one of the SSID’s try using another one.
  • Use a cable if nothing works.
  • Press windows + R and search “powercfg.cpl” Go to advanced settings> Expand wireless adaptor settings> Expand power saving mode> Set it to Maximum performance
  • Restart PC
  • Disable network adapter and re-enable

Ethernet Issues

  • Ensure Ethernet is connected at both points (The device and the switch).
  • Make sure the cable is not broken.
  • Restart PC.
  • Try another Ethernet cable.
  • Enable Ethernet adapter: Press windows button and search “control panel” > Click “View network status and tasks” under “network and internet”> on the left hand side click “change adapter settings”> Right click all items in the new window and click enable.

Browser Issues

  • Website “has incorrect certificate” – the CMOS battery in your PC may be running out which mean the clocks are not being synced so it is incorrect and doesn’t match with the websites certificates. – CMOS battery needs to be replaced.
  • Browser is slow – Update the browser.

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