cPanel is a web-based control panel that is used for managing your web hosting service accounts. It provides you with the tools that you need in order to successfully create, administer, and manage your websites using your choice of web browser. The software allows you to set up email accounts, create FTP accounts, set up CDN’s, create domains and sub domains, and many other things that you need to run your website. cPanel is a tool that you need to ensure that your web hosting experience is as comfortable as it can be, because without it managing a website can and will be stressful and difficult.


Why do we need to cPanel?

cPanel is the best web based control panel to manage sites on the market, it has the best functionality and features. cPanel is easy to use with a user friendly interface that is straight forward to work on. Editing your website, creating databases, managing Cron jobs, and allocating space for your pages is achievable within a short amount of time. It has a very small learning curve and it easy to pick up. cPanel allows you to add plugins such as CloudFlare.

cPanel also allows you to view Errors, bandwidth usage and Raw access logs. cPanel has a range of tools to help you manage your website more effectively. For example you can automate repetitive tasks using a CRON job or you can set up custom error pages such as 404 or troubleshoot pages.

cPanel has a range of database management features. cPanel is usually configured with MySQL as standard but can also use Percona. You can use phpMyAdmin to manager your databases.

Panel has a comprehensive set of file management tools. Whilst not a substitute for a professional FTP tool, it allows you to upload files, create or delete them, organising your files in folders as well as allowing you to change file permissions.

cPanel allows you to create, edit and remove email accounts. You can change passwords, set the mailbox quota and configure your emails to go to your Gmail account.

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